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The Artificial Pancreas Algorithm project is seeking people highly motivated to control an insulin pump with blood glucose data from a continuous blood glucose sensor. It's being studied elsewhere, but our algorithm will be different: we too will "close the loop" to control the basal rate of the insulin pump and drive the blood glucose level toward a target value, but we will additionally use state-based behavior to know when the closed-loop approach will perform better than the existing predictive approach and when it will not. We will also use adaptive variables and CGMS feedback for the purpose of "learning" the basal rates and C/I ratios and insulin sensitivity factors unique to each pump user. With a balance of the closed-loop approach and the predictive approach, we get the most out of the insulin pumps and CGMS sensors that we already have. It will be like having your own expert CDE built into your pump, and we can do this right now.

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Lunch and carbs

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My pancreas sucks

Living with Type 1 diabetes has its demands

Insulin pump with infusion set

The insulin pump delivers fast acting insulin precisely

AP software requirements physical context diagram

The artificial pancreas combines the insulin pump with a continuous glucose monitoring system

Artificial Pancreas

Closing the loop: feedback of blood glucose values are used to adjust the insulin delivery

Visio-intensive insulinothereapy

Existing insulin pumps use a predictive algorithm

Good day

The predictive algorithm works great if expertly and frequently calibrated

Adaptive Process Variable

Adaptive Filtering: the artificial pancreas can learn your insulin needs, keeping your insulin pump experty calibrated


Given the 15 minute delay to deliver subcutaneous insulin to the blood stream, the PID control scheme will never control post-prandial glucose as well as a pre-bolus of insulin (typically 10-15 minutes before the meal) from the predictive model

Artificial pancreas process control state machine

State machine for the artificial pancreas algorithm controls the insulin pump appropriately: sometimes it is best to close the loop on basal rate (at night) but at other times it is best to close the loop on the predictive approach and adjust the insulin delivery for future use (after meals and corrections)

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