First at foremost, this is a "wiki." You can edit articles, post comments and ask questions all without joining the wiki or project at all. We welcome all contributions to knowledge and accept them anonymously if that is how you choose to contribute. But we hope you will join and become a regular contributing member.

You can join the Wikia community by creating a login username and then logging in. This will make your comments and posting accreditable to you, particularly if you sign your posts as is expected with the four tildes ~~~~ and will also give you your own talk page and user page. You will also see less advertising on the website. I hope that you will utilize the opportunity to share information about yourself on your user page. Be open but smart considering this is a public forum: understand the purpose of your user page is to allow others who read our posts to quickly get a grasp of your background and common interests. If you choose to do these things, you will be a full member of the Wikia community, but you have not really “joined” the AP algorithm group yet.

To join this group, just add your name to the list of members. Turn your name into a link so that you can create a page about your desires to contribute to the project, your motivations, education (academic and real life experience), and your hopes and expectations for the project. There are no additional benefits or privileges to doing so, except that you will be embracing the scientific principles for sharing work, reviewing that of others, receiving criticism and suggestions from others, and in general becoming a "peer" in this narrowly focused community of widely diverse specialists. It will be easier for us to communicate to each other if we can tell who has a medical background versus engineering or computer science for example.

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