"Strike the Spike:" or THIS IS WHY the PID algorithm will never outperform a good prediction combined with a pre-bolus and closed loop correctionA Parent's StoryA Patient's Story
A story problem just for funA vision for an Adaptive Algorithm for Expert ControlAdaptive Variables, Adaptive Filtering
Artificial Pancreas Algorithm ProjectArtificial Pancreas software functional context diagramArtificial Pancreas software physical context diagram
Artificial pancreas software process activation requirementsArtificial pancreas software requirements data flow diagram level 0Artificial pancreas software state requirements
Artificial pancreas software state transition requirementsBackup pageClosed-loop
Development of Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems (CGMS)Endocrine physiologyExample: how will the algorithm "Learn" the basal rate?
Expert ControlFeedback of real-time blood glucose data to an insulin pump for basal controlFeedback of real-time blood glucose data to an insulin pump for bolus control
Further readingGlucagon combinationHelp with these funny bubble diagrams
How To JoinHow will states and modes be used to control an insulin pump?Insulin and amylin combination
Insulin pump control variablesInsulin pump therapyMembers List
Telelogic StatemateThe JDRF Computer Simulation Tool for Algorithm DevelopmentWhat can I do, where is help needed?
What does it REALLY MEAN to close the loop from the CGMS to the insulin pump?Who We Need
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