With the addition of this new blogging tool in Wikia, let me take this opportunity to make a first post.

I started this project simply because I saw a better way. The path seen in the published medical research for the artificial pancreas is a "bottom up" approach. That is no way to approach the development of a complex idea such as this. "Top down," i.e. a functional decomposition is what we need: combine this notion with an approach that appreciates an adaptive control system, and now we are heading in the right direction.

I am despirately seeking any kind of feedback on the ideas submitted herein. We are approaching 1000 hits on the main page now. This may not seem like a lot, but given the highly specialized subject matter and the corresponding small audience, I'm glad to see that someone is even looking. But no one has much to say or add. The problem is, as we go into the second year of this project, that no-one has "joined" the project or contributed a new article or even contributed a critisim of an old one.

Hello? Is anybody out there? Anybody reading this information? Like it? Object strongly?

Give me a reason to keep going.