Here is a list of tasks needed. The list will continually change and grow, I'm sure.


  • Would someone like to start by "editing" (that means starting it and doing it) the page A Caregiver's Story that shares your experience out there in the clinical world trying to help a growing number of patients? What experiences have you had that make you wish for better technology? How does this motovate you to participate here? Just click on the link, and our wiki will create a page for you to edit. "Be bold" as they say at wikipedia. You can read my page A Parent's Story for an example of my motovational story, but do not feel limited by style or format of what was here before.
  • We need a "white paper" about the state of the art of care now. This is a "wiki" so we don't need a final version of anything to submit. Do your work here in the "open" in wiki-format. An outline would be the first step: save your work as you go, convert any part of the outline into text as the mood strikes you.
  • Be a watchdog and help us test and evaluate our products. Follow the generation of the technical concept, and also the implementation. Help us prepare a test plan that includes not just careful lab validation, but real-world verification that our "requirements" are complete and accurate.


  • Requirements Capture - read those white papers, learn Hatley-Pirbhai Functional Decomposition, help with the analysis to predict the performance of the various approaches. Learn (play with) the Veri-spec tool and get ready to go.
  • Modeling and Simulation -- we plan to model fully each approach, and then evaluate the results obtained when the model is exercised from another model of variable events. Help us compare and contrast and to understand what is optimal. Learn the Simulink tool or suggest another if you feel compelled to do so.
  • Implementation -- yeah, that's the hard one. What systems (pump and GCMS) are available for us to evaluate? What opportunites do we have to modify existing systems to evalute this one? We cannot expect for these opportunities to present themselves until we get much further in the modelling and demonstrate success.

Wikieditors: If you enjoy this, we need your help. You have full access and authority to edit everything here, correct spelling, improve formatting, and question the technical content on the talk pages.

Do YOU have type 1 diabetes? Your input is highly valued here. We will call you "the user" of this new technology. If you like it, you will buy it. It you don't like it, then the rest of us are just spinning our wheels. It doesn't matter if you are an example of how well a person can control their blood sugar, or how poorly. The opinions of both are going to be critical to the success here.

  • We need someone, or a few persons, to contribute to A Patient's Story. Share with us your difficult experiences, and help us understand what new products should do to help you more.
  • We need to you to be a watchdog of everything we write and assume. Read, discuss, and question everything you can. Most importantly, OBJECT if you see something foolish or useless.
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